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This is the continuation to update 3.1 of the Nijis.

Seriously, I wasn't kidding.  There are only four pictures in this last little bit.  It's stupid, I know.

Wow, Kii, you sure took a long-ass time getting out there.  >=|

Kii: Hey, if I never wanted to watch my wife give birth, why on earth would I ever wanna watch my son give birth?

Good point.

Since I wasn't expecting any twins this time (no cheesecake; they're natural!), I built a quickie bedroom in the back of the house.  It's mostly empty space, so you can just enjoy this little corner.  =3  (And I don't care if they're both boys; I wanted to use my Hello Kitty wallpaper, godammit!)

Well, I'd feel sort of bad if there were the same amount of Adonis kids as legitimate kids in the house, so we're gonna try for ONE more!  And Kii, I am so sorry you had to see this.  I should've put the new nursery door in a better place.

Kii: No problem.  =]  *sits down to watch the show*


And on that incredibly disturbing note, I'll see you guys next time!

Date: 2011-06-17 05:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] onilplayer.livejournal.com
Ok, back from work and all ready for teh weekend – let’s start it perfectly with another dose of the Nijis :D

OMFG, Tigger boxers, that’s too cool to be true *__*

...oooh, Simpsons start, brb...

Hm, Count Jeff isn’t really on friendly terms with his wife’s turn, is he?

Haha, I had no cop breaking up a party for quite some time...but I love that the party was a success nevertheless (or because? ^^)

Ok, I have to declare I’m officially in love with Brittany as creepy and sick as it is – I just can’t help it.

Manuterus – bestest new word ever ^^

Aaaaw, Strawberry is sooo cute but...

> Welcome to the world, my little placenta! =D

...placenta’s are red, too, aren’t they.......? ....okay okay, I’m quiet... ^^°

OMG, what’s wrong with Kii? Doesn’t he get any action anymore now that they’re both old so that he has to watch his son getting laid? O__O

Date: 2011-06-18 12:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pohtaytohs.livejournal.com
Awww, thanks~! <3

I know the Tigger boxers are more orange than yellow, but they just totally...FIT him, y'know? I just couldn't imagine Kii wearing anything else once he got old! XD

Awwww yeah! The Simpsons ROCK! (At least the episodes from the '90s do, anyway...)

It doesn't really seem like it, does it? The weird thing is, I'm pretty sure Jeff's friends with Chris, so I have no idea why he keeps missing their parties. It might be because I always have them invite everyone as soon as it hits 6 PM, and Jeff's smart enough not to come when it's still light outside, unlike Sunset. -_-

That was actually the first time it ever happened to me! I always thought that the party had to be REALLY loud for a cop to come, and that maybe there had to be a few fights or something. But nope, they just came because the TV was on, psh! And oddly enough, since Brenda was there, I don't even remember the party going that well until the popos busted in. o.O Maybe Officer Sexy cheered everyone up! ;]

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves her! XD I sooooo want to use her in a later generation, but she has pretty much the same face template as the human Adonis, so if one of his kids is heir, I'd kind of feel like I was inbreeding. >=| Damn you, Maxis, with your little variety!

Awww yeah, the manuterus! I believe it's right above the mangina.


I have no idea. -_- I was wondering why Kii wasn't freaking out at seeing his son having sex, and then when he sat down in that chair to watch I just paused my game and went, "REALLY?!" Maybe he's always been creepy and thinks that he has a legitimate excuse now that he's old. XD

Thanks for reading! =D


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