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Hi, pohtaytohs here!  I made these four sims a few months ago, and since I've finally got SimPE I figured I might as well share them!  =D


This lovely lady from the teaser is Manny, who is the only one of the sims that I gave a last name.  Why is her last name Mannequin, you ask?  Because she's wearing a mannequin skin.  ...Yeah, I'm not terribly creative with names. 
 Download with no CC

NOTE: Even though the mannequin skin is technically not a custom skin, I figured that if people wanted less CC in their game they probably wouldn't want to have to download a hack that allows sims with the mannequin skins to have babies, so the no CC version of Manny gives her default S1 skin.


Maureen was basically a product of me playing around with different skins and eyes that I liked.  I think the light eyes and hair/dark skin combination turned out quite pretty on her! 

 Download with no CC


I'd originally intended for Leo to be Maureen's husband, but where would the fun in that be if I could never marry him into a legacy?  ;]  (But just in case you were to ever go that route, those two make BEAUTIFUL babies!)

Download with no CC

NOTE: As you can see from his profile shot, Leo's hair clips the side of his face a bit.  However, I don't think it's all that noticable in normal gameplay.


Last but not least, there's Ivan!  =D  I was going for the sad, puppy dog look with him, and I think I succeeded!  What's funny is that in my game his LTW is to have 20 pet best friends, which fits him perfectly.  XD

Download with no CC

NOTE: Even though his hair is not CC it is not included in the CC-free version because it is a Seasons hair.


The regular download files contain all CC, even the clothes, so I suggest you use Clean Installer in case you only want certain parts of the CC.  The no-CC files are...well, no CC, obviously, but they have also replaced the custom skins and eyes with a similar default and the hair and clothes with similar ones from the base game.

I don't really have any terms of use, but please don't claim as your own, not that I think anyone around here would ever do that.  ;]

If anything at all is wrong with the files or the links, please let me know! 

Thanks for downloading!  Enjoy!  =D

Credits: The lovely purple background is by [livejournal.com profile] raemia.

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