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Here's the rest of 3.3!

Ooh, not bad!  =D  He doesn't have any gray down there, that's for sure.

Tyler: Well, uh, yeah.  I'm 27.

Well, he's still a pedo, but we'll take him!


Gretchen: Mmm, jailbait.  *drool*  My favorite.

Hey, keep your thoughts to yourself.  She's trying to score here.  >=[

Scarlet: Whoa, you can actually catch the ball?!  =O  You're so talented!  I've never seen anybody catch the ball before!

Tyler: It's not that hard... What, do you come from a family with hooks for hands or something?

Hey, no reason to be a jerk, pal.

Gretchen: C'mon, just let me squeeze them a little!

Tyler: How many times do we have to tell you?!  Leave my date's bangin' rack alone!

Gretchen: Then let me touch those lips, at least!  Those luscious, luscious lips...

Tyler: Back off, lady!

Scarlet: Of all the days for Brittany to steal my pepper spray...  8[

Tyler: You know, I don't entirely blame her for wanting to feel up your lips.  They DO look pretty kissable.

Scarlet: I guess.  Either way, though, I'm glad you had that taser on you.  By the way, will she be okay?  She seemed to be writhing pretty badly...

Tyler: Oh, she'll be fine.  ...Well, not fine in the head, but she'll live.

As awful as that date was, it still ended in huggles!  Maybe there's hope for these two...

Scarlet: How about we do this again sometime?  ;D

Tyler: Yeah, how about we not.  I've had enough drama for quite awhile, thank you.

Scarlet: Oh.  Um, okay.  =[

...Scarlet, I'm really starting to doubt that you're a Romance sim.

After that she rolled the want to buy some love potions, hilariously enough.  XD  Guess I'm not the only one who's noticed that she's been striking out a lot.

 Akai, however...yeah, he's never rolled a single want for his girlfriend and he just goes around and dances with random girls.  Perfect Family sim right there, right?  -_-

Orenji: Hey!  Hey!  Look at me!  I'm pretending that the bathtub is a sailboat!  Isn't that silly?  Hahahaha!  Ha...?  I'm such a little rascal, aren't I?

Um, what the hell are you trying to do?

Orenji: Well, I've noticed that in this update the kids have kind of been the stars, and...

Orenji: ...I NEED ATTENTION, DAMMIT.  *twitch*

Oh, Orenji.  It's all part of getting old.  Just ask your dad.

Ooh, maybe we've finally got a keeper!  =D  It's Henry, Fanta and Genesis' bitchy manmaid!

What better way to woo your potential new sweetheart than to take him to the very place where your grandparents had sex two nights ago, amirite?

Scarlet: Um, well...whoa.


Henry the manmaid: Holy crap.  This is the last thing I would've expected.

Seriously, what's going on?

Scarlet: You know you can just swivel the camera around, right?

Oh yeah...


Crumplebottom: Oh, calm down, kids.  I'm actually pretty fun once I get a few drinks in me.  ;]


 Scarlet: Wow, that was crazy back there!

Henry the manmaid: I know, right?  I still can't believe that after a couple of shots she forgot we weren't playing strip poker.  XD  That was such a fun game.

Scarlet: It was!  You know, you're fun to hang out with.

Henry the manmaid: Really?  You mean that?  Because I've actually never been called "fun" before...

*cough*It's because you're bitchy*cough*

  Scarlet: Teehee, of course I do!

Oh, Scarlet.  You remind me of your dad.  Romance is definitely in the air.

 Henry the manmaid: So you're sure it's not illegal for me to be going on this date with you?  Because I'm telling you right now, I couldn't ever survive in prison.  I'm too pretty.

Yeah, and modest about it, too.

Scarlet: Oh, you're right, it's totally illegal.  But don't worry, my uncle Jack's a cop.  We'll be fine.

 Henry the manmaid: Phew, good.  Now I won't have to pretend that you're my kid sister or something. 

 Scarlet: Yup!  ^_^  Hey, since we won't get in trouble, wanna have a bite of my food, "big brother"?  ;D

Henry the manmaid: Nah, I'm good.

Scarlet: Aw, c'mon, try some!  You'll love it!

Henry the manmaid: No, your fork is covered in germs, you see.  Billions and billions of germs.  D=

 Bahaha, that's a helluva rejection.

Henry: Hell, maybe even trillions of germs---

Scarlet: Okay, I get the point.

 Despite that little bump, things still went pretty well, surprisingly.  She didn't even have to use the potions.

 Really well, actually.  ;D

Scarlet: Oh, Henry, you're the only man for me.  *smooch*

Just wait till you go to college, honey...

 Henry the manmaid: EEEEEE YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD KISSER!!!

Henry doesn't care about germs getting on his hand, I guess.

Henry the manmaid: ...Uh oh.

 Scarlet: Babe...?

Henry the manmaid: *crosses legs*  ...Um, let's just say that I should probably go home now.  *cough*


(Note: Wow, that was a pretty gross joke, even for me!  It's nice to be back, what can I say?)

 Yeah, let's go back to the main house where things are just slightly less disgusting.  Kath is using her newfound free time to write novels.

Kathleen: Yep!  I called this one "Fuck Lawyers"!  How great is that?!  Finally the world will know about how terrible those people are!  I'm just lucky I got out when I did!

Riiiiiiiiight, fired, "got out", totally the same thing. 

Who bets she's gonna call the next one "Fuck Prostitutes"?

Chris: She better not.

Whoa, already?!  Man, that was way faster than it took for Kii to reach his LTW!  Congratulations, Orenji!

Orenji: Well, to be fair, Dad never actually wanted to skill, so...

That's true.  Silly Pleasure sims.  Still, though, I'll have to get Orenji started on his next one soon!

Brick: *buuuuuurp*

Maroon: ...What are you doing?

Brick: Oh, just getting in one last lecture before I grow up.  *buuuuuuurp*  You see that?!  That's what all of you are doing to the planet each and every day you don't ride a bike!  RIDE BIKES, PEOPLE!  OR AT LEAST PROGRAMS BIKES INTO THIS FREAKING GAME, MAXIS!

Maroon: Geez, I'm sorry I asked...

Calm down, Brick.  Haven't you seen the "Walk To..." option?

Well, like Brick said, it's time for him and Strawberry to grow up!  No cake or party this time, because I'm lazy I don't want everybody to get fat again.

Brick: I hope I become just like my big brother!  That'd be so cool...

As long as you turn out cuter.

*sigh*  Guess not.  -_-

Maroon: Uh...ew.

Hey, let's at least give him the benefit of the doubt here.  I don't think ANYBODY can look good in a bowl cut.

Maroon: Ain't that the truth!  *snicker*

Strawberry: Oh geez, I hope I don't get one...

Strawberry: Then again, I'll take anything over still being at eye level with Scarlet's ass.

Scarlet: Hey, you're lucky to be looking at this all day.  It's pretty glorious.

Strawberry: Oh, who am I kidding?  You don't even have an ass!

Scarlet: Cram a sock in it and just grow up already, Placenta.

Strawberry: You know what?  If I'm Placenta, then that means you must be the Crimson Chin.  Ha, suck on that!  *ages up like a boss*

Oh my god.  Strawberry, I think I love you.  XD

Scarlet: Hey, no fair!  Mom, did you hear what that little brat just called me?!

Chris: Yes, and it was quite a zinger, dear.  I mean, it's the red generation, and you do have a pretty prominent chin...Good work, Strawberry!

Strawberry: Thanks, Mommy!  =D

Scarlet: What?!  Why is nobody punishing this little jackass?  That was so mean!

Strawberry: Heh, it's karma, bitch.  And I'm good-looking!  Awesome!

Well, on to the makeovers~!

Oh dear lord, this was a terrible makeover.  It'll be different by next update, I promise.  But he actually doesn't look all that bad.  Just nothing like a Niji.  >=|

Brick Niji
Fortune  (Yup, he rolled it twice in a row, so no subaspiration for this guy.)
Become Hand of Poseidon
3 Neat
2 Outgoing
10 Active
8 Playful
6 Nice
Cologne, Gray Hair/ Makeup  (He likes his hippie chicks natural.  By the way, he rolled straight.)

Strawberry wasn't lying earlier; he turned out pretty hot.  ;D

Strawberry Niji
Become Business Tycoon
4 Neat
4 Outgoing
10 Active
10 Playful
7 Nice
Logical, Athletic/ Unemployed

He's straight too, by the way.

Chris: So, son...Now that you're growing up, I kind of have to tell you how your body works...  =/

Strawberry: Ewww, can't Dad do it?

Chris: Ooh, definitely not.  He's much too squeamish.  Plus, between you and me, I'm not entirely sure if he knows how his body works himself...

Well, might as well stop there!  I'm so sorry that this took ridiculously long to post, you guys.  DX  School's been a lot harder recently, but since winter break's coming up, I should have plenty of time to sim, yay!  =D  But anyway, I missed you guys!  I'm glad I'm back!

See you next time!
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