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As you can see from my last post, LJ completely wiped out update 3.2 of the Nijis earlier this week.  DX  While I'm sad to say it hasn't come back, I'm sooooooooooooooo happy that I remember most of what I'd wrote before!  So after a few days of waiting, I'm gonna rewrite the update now, woo!  I'm going to write all of the captions in my notebook from now on, which is probably something I should've done from Day 1 of doing a legacy, but eh, too late to regret that now.  However, it's probably gonna be awhile before I get it up (heh that's what she said) because my school starts back up in about a week, ugh.  And since I've been putting off my summer reading until this week, guess what I've gotta get going on?  =D  But anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm totally working on it and it should be up before TOO long, at the very least!  Thanks, you guys, for sympathizing with me and helping prevent me from throwing my monitor out a window!  XD 

Anyway, I'll see you guys next update!  <3

NWAN Update

Jun. 3rd, 2011 09:38 pm
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Fanta has now been added to the Naughty with a Niji page!


May. 31st, 2011 04:25 pm
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My last Niji update was at the beginning of the month.  Yikes.  However, I should have more things posted soon, the first of which being the next update (which is also the last update of generation 2!!!).  I also have played enough with Fanta, Sunset, and Apricot that I will have a spare update after a couple more regular updates.  Since I've played through Fanta's pregnancy, she's now in a state where I'm not afraid to extract her with SimPE, so I'll add her to the Naughty with a Niji page after the next Niji update, which is hopefully soon-ish.  Also, I have three random sims that I made in CAS a few months ago, and I figured that since I know how to extract, package, and upload sims now I might as well post them here.  I'll probably do THAT when I have another lull in updates.  ...Is that all?  I think that's all.  Phew!  I'll see you guys next update!  =D


May. 24th, 2011 04:44 pm
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I'm typing this as the sweet, sweet feeling of air conditioning is brushing against the back of my neck, BECAUSE MY POWER JUST CAME BACK ON AFTER 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!  <3  <3  <3  I'm so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy!  TwT

(Incidentally the power outage sort of turned off my computer while I was working on the next update...oops.)
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As you guys have probably already seen, I've set up a downloads page for the Nijis.  I'll update it as more children are born and as more people marry in, so whenever that happens I'll post a little notification of that.  =]  Just in case you were wondering, Fanta is not on that page yet because, well, I'm honestly kind of scared to see what would happen if I exported a pregnant sim.  I imagine it would involve my game exploding into a big mushroom cloud, so I'll just put her up once she's given birth.

I'll see you guys next update!

Edit: WOWWWWWWW.  Sorry, you guys.  I put up the post bragging, "Oh, I think I've got all the right links" and then I put all the wrong ones.  -_-

Anyway, the links should be fixed now, so if I've fucked up again...yeah, then I'll switch to MedaFire.  XD  Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] erinmblair and [livejournal.com profile] sillysoraya for letting me know about the bad links!
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I just got back home at 2 AM yesterday morning, so now that I've been able to rest for a day and get back into the swing of things, I'm gonna get back to work on the next Niji update, yaaaay!  =D  Thanks for the support and being cool about things, you guys!  Hopefully it should be up in a couple days, depending on how many things I need to make up at school.  I'd had it over halfway done when I left, though, so it shouldn't take me too long to finish it!

And then when I'm done with the update, I'll get to play more Sims!  Ohhhhhhhhh, how I've missed playing that wonderful game....  :'D

Edit: Seriously, LJ?  Seriously?  My post is "too large" for you?  How DARE you!  Don't judge posts by the outside!  Posts come in all shapes and sizes!  It's their contents that count, not their size!


Well, now what am I gonna do?  =l  I already cut out all that I possibly can.  Maybe I'll just post the (what, ten?) pictures in the next update, or better yet, just put them in a little post of their own.  HA!  Take that, crappy server! 


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