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Here're the last few pictures and captions of the update because LJ likes to piss me the fuck off.


Sunset: Ha.  This can't be happening.  Haha!  This CANNOT be happening!  HAHAHAHAHA!  *twitch*

So what, exactly, happened when we last left off like, what, two seconds ago?  Well, Chris had just not so delicately broken the news to Sunset that her best friend/baby sister hates Twilight.

Chris: Is she, uh, gonna be okay?

What do you think?

Chris: I don't really care either way, honestly.  She's just my sort-of boyfriend's bitchy sister.

Such a nice girl, isn't she?

But hey, what goes around comes around. 

Chris: *gasp*  My beautiful body, ruined!

What'd you expect, Chris?  It's karma.  Or the effects of Fanta's grilled cheese.  Maybe a little bit of both.

I was just gonna let her keep her curves, but then I realized that might not look so great in a THONG.  Also, Maxis?  Hi, it's me.  Uh, just to let you know....THIS BODY IS NOT PROPORTIONATE.  SEE THOSE LEGS?  THEY'RE THE SAME ONES AS WHEN SHE WAS SKINNY.  (And yes, I know that TS3 does a better job with proportions, but...well, I'm not really into puddin' faces.)

So guess who got to do some working out!  By the way, like her workout "outfit"?  XD  I'm not sure if this is available at the clothing store because of a glitch or not, but either way, I'm gonna take advantage of it!  ...What?  It suits her.

Chris: I be pretty now?  *derp*

I just wanted you to lose a little weight, not become fucking anorexic.  Geez.

Why so serious, babe?

Orenji: Well, I'm about to do something that could change my life forever.

Ohhhh, I think I know what you're talking about.  ;]

Orenji: You know what?  Never mind.  I can't do this.


Why not?  Grow some balls already; you'll need them for when you father the next generation!

Orenji: Look, I just can't, okay?

Orenji: She's so beautiful.  She'd never go for a guy like me.

Oh, stop it.  She's crazy about you!  Now go get her, tiger!

Orenji: O-okay....here I go...

Genesis: Ooh, heyyyyyyy, Chris!  I think someone wants to talk with you!  *giggle*

Chris: Really?  Oh, hi, Orenji!  What's up?

Orenji: Um, well...

Orenji: Christine Gothier?

Chris: *quiet gasp*  Yes?

Orenji: Will you...

Genesis: Now to pull the best prank EVER...  *snicker*


Genesis: Fine, be no fun.  Oh, Apricooooootttttttt?

Orenji: ...marry me?

Chris: Ohmygodohmygodohmygaaaaaaaaawd!

Chris: Yes!  Of course I will!

Orenji: *sigh*  Oh, thank god!  I was so nervous!  ...I think I just peed myself a little.

Chris: You know what?  I don't even care, because, GYAAAAAAAA!  We're gonna get maaaaaaaaaarried!  X]

I can't believe this all happened so fast.  Oh well, I held out for as long as I could....

Orenji's Sweater Twin: Damn, girl, you are fiiiiiine!  Call me if things don't work out with this dude.  Seriously, you could do much better.

Why must my sims always ruin cute moments?


Well, that's it for this update!  I'll see you guys next time!  =D

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